Rich, reddish black tea leaves

Keemun Hao Ya "B"

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This Keemun is lightly smoky - particularly in the first steeping- and woody, with a sweet, honey-like finish.  Steep for 1-3 minutes and enjoy 1-3 steepings.

Keemun is produced in the Qimen County of Huanghsan Shi, in the Anhui province. It has tightly twisted small black leaves with a strong fragrant scent reminiscent of both fruit and roses. Up until the 1870s, the region only produced green teas. At that point, a failed civil servant named Yu Quianchen traveled to the Fujian province to learn their techniques for manufacturing black teas, and then returned to Anhui to apply them. His new tea was excellent, and became extremely popular on the world market.

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