Long Jing - Competition Grade

Long Jing - Competition Grade

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This is a special tea plant called Early Black Cow, grown in Zhejiang province of China. The tea produced here is greener than those from the Hangzhou area, with a slightly more vegetal flavor.

This tea brews a smooth, delicately vegetal flavor and soft mouth feel. The leaves are very carefully processed, resulting in very uniform unbroken leaves. Long Jing is pan-fried, giving it a lightly toasty or nutty distinguishing note in a pale green brew.

Dragonwell, Long Jing in Chinese, is sometimes called the national tea of China. It tends to be at the top of any list of China's best teas, and was declared a tea to be sent as tribute to the emperor himself in the eighteenth century. It is extremely popular in China, and has earned great respect throughout the world.

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